Cost-effective market development services tailored to meet your needs

Our service concept is aimed at such Indian companies that desire pro-active market development in Europe. This means that our clients want more than simply administering the existing customer-base or passively waiting for new customers.

If you:

 - are looking for local representation in Europe,

 - are looking for more than just theoretical consultancy, after which you are left alone with the execution,

 - expect more from your service-provider than just being referred to contacts in Europe,

 - are looking for competent, professional and cost-effective support in the sales-process in Europe,

 - wish to actively develop or expand your customer-base,

 - want to develop or expand sales-channels and also support these,

 - are on the lookout for suitable suppliers or service-providers,

 - require competent support at trade-shows; not only before, but also during and after the show,

 - quite simply require help in Europe,

..then we are the company to talk to!

We have extensive experience in Business Development, the establishment of sales and service infrastructure and are well networked with high-tech industries all over Europe.

Our office is centrally located in the Black Forest area of Germany, from where we can reach virually every part of Europe.